June 2016 – Kelly Maegerlein – Class of 2017

“I moved to Hopatcong in 2009 just before I began my fifth grade school year, and I’m going to be a senior in HHS next school year. I often think about my future and what I want to do later in life, and it’s always been a goal of mine to become a doctor specialized in the field of neuroscience. I know I have a lot more schooling ahead of me, but it will honestly be worth it because working in such a field will hopefully allow me to help a lot of people in my life. Currently, I’m a member of the National Honor Society and the Tri-M Music Honor society and am involved in numerous clubs and activities, such as Marching Band and Academic Team. I’ve been volunteering at the Louise Childs branch of the Sussex County library since my freshman year, and started at Merry Heart assisted living this year. I love both of these volunteer positions and they have given me unforgettable experiences from working closely with both the kids and the elderly. My life is pretty hectic from all the future planning and preparations for college, but I would not want to be doing anything else than what I am doing right now.

Recently, I conducted a study on the health situation in southern India, and unsurprisingly found out that most rural areas in the south have a hard time receiving proper medical attention. I think it’s extremely important as residents of a very fortunate country to pay attention to what’s going on in other countries, particularly ones that are struggling in some parts. Living a fast paced life as we are, it’s hard to slow down and think of anyone other than ourselves and those around us, but if we do we can honestly make a difference. I initially looked into the situation in southern India because I think it’s a case worth bringing attention to, and I have people close to me that are involved in the volunteer efforts to provide aid there. Doing so has opened my eyes a lot, and being interested in the field of medicine, it has really resolved my will to pursue medicine in the future.”

Kelly Maegerlein

Kelly M


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