Welcome to Humans of Hopatcong!

Hopatcong Borough Schools proudly introduces our new alumni profile feature entitled Humans of Hopatcong. This spotlights HHS Alumni who would like to share their post-graduation experiences with the community. Our graduates are accomplishing great things.

If you are an HHS alumni who would like to be featured in our new monthly segment, please forward your story and a picture to pr@hopatcongschools.org or call (973) 770-8862 for consideration. Thank you!

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Elena Melekos

Humans of Hopatcong began in February of 2016! We are looking for alumni to share their story! Please contact us for more information!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Humans of Hopatcong!”

  1. Hi I’m Michael Sodano graduated 1992 I was given this information to appear in the the issue please call or email me info

  2. Hopatcong during my school years was still very rural and isolated; the good thing was we all felt pretty much the same way.
    Many if not most, of the teacher/instructors were new as well.
    They acted not as some body high & mighty, but quite often as friends or trusted advisors.

    It was a new school only opened a few years earlier; and it suffered growing pains as expected. Staying active in as many extra-curricular activities helped me shed my shyness and opened up opportunities.

    I cannot say my high school years 1972-1976 all were wonderful or painless. They’re were many many boring or dull rote classes.
    But whose life isn’t?
    Finally, can only say just give things an honest try and accept that every teacher/instructor/educator will be perfect. But you’ll get what you are willing to sacrifice and put into it.
    Certainly drama club and soccer were positive experiences. Student council and other clubs also.

    1. Hello Steven!

      We would love to share your story. Please send us a brief bio that you would like to be shared as a Human of Hopatcong feature as well as a photo and we will can share your story on our page! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out by email to pr@hopatcongschools.org or by calling (973) 770 – 8862.

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